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A little wild numbers
Plateau Putorana area is equal to the area of the UK
2880 км
From Moscow to Norilsk and almost 4 hours flight
300 км
Hiking trails
600 м
Talnikovy Falls. The highest waterfall in Asia
>300 м
The depth of the lakes

About Plateau Putorana

The Putoran Plateau is a heavily dissected mountain range located in the northwest of the Central Siberian Plateau.

In the north and west, the plateau ends abruptly (800 m or more), while the southern and eastern parts are characterized by gentle slopes. The maximum height of the plateau is 1701 m, the highest peaks are Mount Kamen (1701 m), Holokit (1542 m), Kotuiskaya (1510 m). In the north, the Putorana Plateau borders the Taimyr Peninsula. Name Putorana translated from Evenki means "lakes with steep banks".

On the territory of the plateau is located Putorana State Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Administratively, the plateau is located in the north-west of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, occupying the territory of the Taimyr and Evenki municipalities.

The nearest big city - Norilsk.

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полуостров Каменный

15.06.22 - 15.10.22

About tour
Individual tour to the Putorana Plateau. Northern cuisine. Caviar. Fishing. Water falls. Northern lights

8 days / 7 night
tour duration
Waterfall country
Over 150 waterfalls
All of the routes were aligned with Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia
Let's eat venison, northern fish, red caviar and much more
Сity of start and end of the tour
Trekking with various distance routes and Professional interpreter
Best guide
Plateau top climbing and enjoying the waterfall in the middle of the mountains rift
Fishing and boat trips, available at any weather conditions due to hovercraft and group escort professionalism.
Dudinka Museum excursion. The biggest sea port of the Arctic Circle.
Exploring traditional customs.
Local cuisine master-class.

1 day
Your journey begins at the airport of Moscow, where you arrive from Europe. Upon arrival, you will be met by a personal manager with a translator.
After receiving the baggage, we sit in a minibus and go to the center of Moscow, where from the Ukraine Hotel, we will go to our river adventure along the Moscow River on a comfortable Radisson Royal Boat.
During the walk we will see such sights as: Hotel Ukraine, the White House, Kievsky railway station, Moscow City Hall, Novodevichy Convent, Moscow State University, Luzhniki, Gorky Park, Monument to Peter 1, Christ the Savior Cathedral, the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral.
After the river walk, we go to the airport, where we check in for the flight, have dinner (paid apart) and go to the city of Norilsk. Travel time 4 hours.
2 day
Arrival at Norilsk airport
City transfer with comfortable mini bus (Mercedes, Ford).
Breakfast in the city.
Supermarket visiting on guests' request.
Trip to Valek pier on Norilskaya River, from where your fascinating journey to hard-to-reach zones of Putorana Plateau starts!
Putorana Plateau is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
Comfortable and safe trip on Neptun-15 hovercraft to the Manor.
Routeduration is 2,5 hours (if the weather permits). During the trip there are 1 or 2 stops on guests' request.
Route distance is 110 km.
We will start our route on Norilskaya River, and then will pass Talovaya River with stronger river's flow and shallow waters, and our next way will be through Lake Melkoye.
After Lake Melkoye we will go into calm Lama River. While in Lama River, you start to understand that Putorana Plateau is very close. And then comes Lake Lama itself (the third lake of Russian freshwater resources).
Lake Lama is situated on the eastern part of Putorana Plateau. Lake and mountains beauty is magnificent! Here you will spend unforgettable days that You will remember forever!
Our arrival at comfortable Manor. Everything is prepared for your coming.
Accommodation and introduction to the Manor.
Lunchtime at barbeque summer house with the fascinating view of lake and mountains.
Sauna on request.
Walk around the Manor's adjacent.
Spinning fishing from the coast to mounting River Kigam mouth, located near the Manor (northern grayling fish, char),
Our chef will be happy to cook dishes from freshly caught fish.
Next day program discussion.

3 day
Breakfast at the Manor.
Preparation and trip to the route. This day route will be held through River Kapchuk on the lake of the same name. Having passes through the whole lake on hovercraft, we will set our camp on mountain River Nikita-yuryah mouth, which flows into the lake.
We will start our hiking route, under the leadership of our experienced guides.
Mountain river route is not complicated. But if you want to challenge yourself and see all the lake's beauty from the top of the mountain, we will conquer Your first top of the Putorana Plateau!
Is someone does not want to have long hiking route, they can return into the camp and do some exciting spinning fishing.
While our guests are walking around, seeing local beauties, camp cook makes on fire freshly caught fish soup. You will open new wonderful sensations from the food, cooked on the camp fire and cleanest mountain river water!
Returning back to the Manor in the evening.
Sauna on request.
4 day
Breakfast at the Manor.
Preparation and trip to the route. This day route will lead us to the Peninsula Stone. We will go into the ravine on mountain River Vitaminka, which was named so because scurvy medicine was prepared here from pine needles during Gulag times. There is also the beautiful coast, where camp "Lama" was doing logging.
The river is located between two mountains called Pavel and Helena, named after the call sign of pioneer camps situated at the foot of these mountains: at the foot of the Pavel Mountain was boys camp, at Helena Mountain – girls camp.
Average route complexity. The first part is calmer. The second is more complicated. But at the end of the route You will have a chance to see circus between mountain tops and mountain lake, located at this circus.
Lunchtime will take place on the route.
Returning back to the Manor.
Hot tub outside.
Sauna on request.
Breakfast at the Manor.
Preparation and trip to the route of Peninsula Stone. We will climb Festivalnaya Mountain. Only from this top opens a fascination view of Lake Lama through the isthmus of Lake Kapchuk and mountain rivers, flowing into this lake. It does not matter which rift to look at, in each you will see beautiful waterfalls, both large and little. That's why Putorana Plateau is called more than 1000 waterfalls province. You will not find so much waterfalls nowhere in the world!
The climbing route complexity is more than average/ But you will be proud of yourself for having this done!
Lunchtime will take place on the route, prepared in advance.
Returning back to the Manor.
Sauna on request.

5 day
Breakfast at the Manor.
Preparation and trip to the route. Hovercraft will bring you to the opposite part (southern) of Lake Lama. Then you will hike about 1,5 km through the rocky path to the very powerful waterfall of 15-meter high mountain River Neralah-yuryah with crystal clear and icy water and steep dangerous cliffs. This waterfall is the most powerful and nearest. Route complexity is very simple.
Then we will return to Peninsula Stone by hovercraft and visit the house, which was built in 1939, preserved up to the present, and then will visit the monument to the builders. We will learn an inserting story of this house creation.
Lunchtime will take place on the route.
Returning back to the Manor.
Hot tub outside.
Sauna on request.

6 day
Breakfast at the Manor.
Preparation and trip to the route. We will have a walking trip near River Kigam with an opportunity of the spinning fishing. Plus photo session in indigenous local peoples' national clothes in Dolgan tent-museum.
Lunchtime at the Manor.
Departure to Norilsk city.
Transfer to the hotel from the pier.
Dinner at Italian restaurant Sanremo (paid apart).

7 day
Dudinka city museum excursion. Locals proudly call Dudinka "Capital of Taimyr". Guide will tell a lot of interesting about culture and life of local people. In the museum you will see the unique ethnographical museum's exposition: mammoth Zhenya's skeleton, which was found on Taimyr Peninsula, look at shamans' costumes and cult items of indigenous peoples.
Learn the history of Arctic development and polar expeditions.
You will also take part in stroganina cooking master-class.
After lunch, you will walk along the Yenisei Embankment, you will see an unusual port-constructor, and then you will return back to Norilsk.
In the evening you will have a free time to walk through the city, and then a farewell dinner will be held for the journey participants.

8 day
Transfer to Norilsk airport.
Departure to Moscow
At the airport of Moscow, we part and all the guests scatters through their countries

Tour cost
A detailed description of what is included in the tour and what will be the additional costs.
Tour cost starting from EUR3000. Included in tour price:
  • Transfer to the city center
  • Boat trip on the Moscow River on Radisson Royal Boat (with viewing of all major attractions)
  • Transfer to the airport
  • Ground transfers by car or minibus and water transfers to the route point of the program of the tour of the hovercraft
  • During the 5 nights trip you will live in the recreation center "Manor, located on the shores of Lake Lama
  • Accommodation in Norilsk for 2 nights in the hotel "Norilsk" 3 *, which located in the city center. The standard double room - comfortable furniture, bath or shower, TV, internet.
  • During the tour, you will be with experienced guides and instructors.
  • Gift set with local fish and meat products.
  • Transportation of baggage 30 kg / person inclusive, above the norm is negotiated and paid apart (paddle boats, etc.)
  • Interpreter

Not included in the tour price:
  • Flight Moscow - Norilsk - Moscow
  • At the Norilsk Airport and the Moscow Airport during their stay in the city, the participants of the tour pay for lunch and dinner by themselves.
  • Alcoholic drinks

Additions to the tour program
Breakfast in the Italian restaurant Sanremo, upon arrival from the airport in Norilsk from 10 am; in a pizzeria, on arrival in Norilsk on weekdays before 10 am; in the CoffeeStory coffee shop, on arrival in Norilsk at the weekend until 10 am (paid apart).
The menu at the manor consists of a standard household diet. Mostly northern fish and reindeer meat. Three meals per day. Tea and coffee.
Special menu is negotiated and paid apart.
During all hiking routes, there is water on the plateau, hot tea, snack in lunch boxes.

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